Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary


The dense forests of Muthanga and Tholpetty are two major wildlife sanctuaries at Wayanad. Although the two originally belong to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (sprawling over an area of 344.44 square kilometres) forming its two major divisions the human settlements have separated both and now they are being considered as two independent and prominent wildlife parks. The Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is located at about 16 km from Sulthan Bathery. The wildlife reserve which is now an essential part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve was established in the year 1973.

The moist deciduous forests of Muthanga shelter a wide variety of wildlife including different species of birds. Some of the major animals found in the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary include the Hanuman Langur, panthers, Gaur, Sambar deer, Civet cat, wild dogs, jungle cats, bison, tigers and elephants. The rich varieties of avian species include peacocks, cuckoos, woodpeckers, jungle fowls, owls, babblers, etc. Having considering number of elephants, the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary was brought under the Project Elephant in the year 1991-1992 in order to protect these huge beasts from being slaughtered for their tusks. Hence, a large number of elephants can be found roaming amidst the forests in the sanctuary.

The forests of Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary are blessed with a wide variety of flora which consists of moist deciduous forests and also patches of semi-evergreen forests. The major plant life that constitute the moist deciduous forests include the bamboo, venteak, rosewood, maruthi, mazhukaznjiram, vengal, etc. and the semi-evergreen forest patches of Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary consists of lanceolata, lagerstroemia, veteria indica, termianaliapaniculata, etc.

Major attractions in Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

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Wildlife at Sanctuary

With the presence of moist deciduous forests and semi-evergreen forests, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed abundantly by nature. These dense forests shelter a significant number of wildlife that includes wild animals, birds, butterflies, etc. The eco-tourism activities conducted here help in generating awareness about the need for conserving the Sanctuary.

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Jeep Safari through the forests

Enjoy a bumpy and adventurous ride through the muddy jungle paths. Watch in awe the different wild animals as you pass near them on your drive amidst the forests. If luck’s on your side, you might as well be able to catch a glimpse of the mighty cats – the tigers!

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Trek through the forests

Being an ardent nature lover, you might opt to explore the dense forests on foot. Well, that’s a great idea. Trek through the forests of the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and explore the life dwelling within the forests up-close! The trekking activity usually takes place with guide who accompanies a group of tourists.

Eco Tourism in Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

In order to protect and develop awareness among visitors regarding conserving the Wildlife Sanctuary, several eco-tourism activities are being conducted. Under the supervision of the Kerala Forest Department, the eco-tourism activities organised at Muthanaga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad are managed by Eco-Development Committees (EDCs). The Eco-Development Committees (EDCs) also manage the eco-tourism activities at Tholpetty.

The eco-tourism activities conducted at the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary help to generate awareness among the visitors on conserving the place, are educative and a recreational too. The activities are also the major source of income for the local tribes and tourist guides. Some of the major eco-tourism activities conducted at the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary include Jeep Safari, trekking, bird watching, elephant rides, etc. If you are an ardent nature lover, a trek or jeep safari through the forests of Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary will give memories for a lifetime! If lucky, you may even spot the big cats- the tigers along with other wildlife!

Reaching Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Wayanad, the closest towns near the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary are Sulthan Bathery (15 km), Kalpetta (42 km) and Manathavady (51 km).

The nearest bus station is the bus station at Sulthan Bathery and one can hire a taxi/ auto-rickshaw from Sulthan Bathery town.

To reach Wayanad, the closest railway station is Kozhikode (Calicut) railway station and the closest airport is the Kozhikode International Airport.

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